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STATEMENT ON ‘ASTROTURFING’ OF PARKLAND STUDENTS Leftist Groups Professionalize Student Movement SOMERSET, NJ, March 2, 2018– “The radical Left’s use of the Parkland student survivors to further its anti-gun agenda is disgusting and ghoulish,” New Jersey 12th District Republican congressional candidate Daryl Kipnis said Friday. “These traumatized children, after living through a horrific event thatsaw their friends, classmates and teachers killed, are now being used as political pawns by so-called ‘adults’ in various leftist political groups to gain sympathy for an agenda that threatens our U.S. Constitution.” “While the students certainly have a right to take a stand, and we should listen to what they have to say, interference by groups like and members of the Hollywood elite to further their own political goals is abhorrent, and voters should remember this come election day,” he said. “Many in the media are also complicit in this travesty, focusing on only a small part of what took place on Feb. 14. While outlets like CNN push to ban weapons they do not understand, they provide little insight into how and why law enforcement agencies and others failed to act on this violent individual for months, including the day of the shooting.” “To faithfully fulfill the governmental obligation to keep our children and schools safe, in addition to considering sensible gun safety measures, our elected officials at every level must look at all of the factors that came together that day, including mental health, societal values, and law enforcement’s lack of action, which led to the most disturbing failure of our government to protect American lives from a known violent threat since Benghazi. Never again is now.” If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Rochelle Kipnis-Campaign Manager at (732) 666-2059 or email at
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