★ About Daryl ★

"Above all, I will make New Jersey matter in Washington, ensuring we have a seat at the table and are relevant in every conversation.” – Daryl Kipnis


★A Force For Freedom ★
Republican 12th District congressional candidate Daryl Kipnis combines the work ethic of a businessman & vigorous professional advocacy of an attorney, with the core values of a Central New Jerseyan to improve the lives of all his constituents. Daryl graduated from East Brunswick High School in 1998 and is a 2002 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Rutgers University in New Brunswick (B.A. With Honors, Political Science). He graduated from Seton Hall Law School in Newark in 2005. In the legal profession for more than a decade, Daryl has built a proven record of assisting individual and institutional clients in securing favorable results in litigation, business affairs and other legal matters throughout all 21 counties in New Jersey. Daryl has resided in Franklin Township since he and his wife Rochelle were married in 2006, where they raise their three children, Emma, Sophia, and Ethan.

To better serve clients and his community, Daryl founded his own practice, Kipnis Law Offices, located on Davidson Avenue in his hometown of Franklin Township. Daryl is an advocate for animals, currently working on bills to protect pets and their owners, volunteers in animal rescue for over 15 years, and is active in promoting ‘Protect The Pets’ movement across America. Daryl also volunteers and runs an animal rescue group that reunites lost pets with their owners in Franklin Township and surrounding areas.

Once elected, Daryl sees his mission in Washington, D.C. as upholding and defending American freedoms from all those who would seek to destroy them in the name of advancing their own political agendas. Daryl will strive to be the foremost advocate for individual liberty in New Jersey’s congressional delegation by supporting the freedoms of speech, religion and expression. He will defend the right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment of the Constitution and preserve an individual’s right to medical freedom.

He will vigorously fight excessive and unfair taxation, while encouraging fiscal responsibility for the nation. Daryl will join in removing failed governmental prohibitions, regulations and institutions, while acting as a watchdog to call out the machinations of career politicians and the big money special interests to whom they answer. As a practicing attorney, Daryl sees the toll that bad legislation and policy take on people who seek assistance with legal matters, including individuals failed by a broken criminal justice system, and families with special needs children that experience difficulty in obtaining necessary services for their child’s success in and out of school, and will work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to enact transformational changes in several policy areas.